A gentle, easy transition from paper forms to online.

A gentle, easy transition from paper forms to online.

Automatically generate beautiful web forms from Microsoft Word documents. Publish the form, collate the results, analyse the captured data and download PDF files of the completed forms.
  • Standard contracts such as leases, rental agreements, non disclosure agreements (NDAs).
  • School permission slips.
  • Job applications.
  • Form letters.
  • A document that needs a signature.

Word web form PDF

Word > web form > PDF

It starts with a Word document that has placeholder text. A placeholder is just normal text surrounded by {{ curly braces }}.

Automatically created web form
The word document is uploaded and automatically converted to a web form.
The web form can then be shared via email, SMS or web and completed by the recipient.

The final signed PDF
The final signed PDF
After the form is filled out a PDF is generated where all the placeholders in the Word file are replaced with values from the form.

Analyse Captured Data
The captured data can viewed online or downloaded to Excel. The PDFs can be downloaded all in one go or one at a time.